Friday, June 25, 2010

OK so i haven't blogged in a couple days. big whoop. is not like anyone reads this thing but meh. heh. i think of this thing as my lil diary. a diary of deep, Deep, DEep, DEEp, DEEP, dark secrets. well enough of that. :) i just finished my 2 trade photo mat thingies. oh darnet i didnt take a pic before i sent the envelope.... o well ill get to take one when it comes back to me ^_^ I'm soo hungry and its like 2 a.m. time to watch some DBZ Kai.. gnite world

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So well this is my first post :)

Woopie ^_^ i just joined i love that place. I also joined a group called ScrapNMoms. With that i joined 3 swaps. I really never had a blog so i dont know what to write here.... blah blah blah ttyl