Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new day!

I have recently become unemployed and i'm now seeking a new way to make money while i find another job. My charms Will be up for sale on ebay. Please look arround and see if you find something you might like. My first post is for one of my signature charms, the screaming smores

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tofu Wednesday PIC HEAVY!!

Hi peeps. I hope ya'll are having a good day. I wanted to share a small army of what I had been working on for a while :) I'm trying to find time for all my hobbies so I hope you enjoy this little post for today. Please subscribe to my youtube. It's raining tofus with kawaii faces.

This definition was collected from the urban dictionary....

An object, animal or person of super cuteness. Everyone just adores it and cannot get over its cuteness. May make girls scream with delight at its adorableness. Absolutely adorable.
Lucy: OMG Izzy, your little kitten is soooooo ultra kawaii!
Katie: Awwwwww *shrieks* its sooooo kawaii!!!
Lucy: Oh look at you!! Little kitty!
Katie: Aw gosh its soo kawaii and super cute!
Isabel: Um, thanks...
Lucy and Katie: awwwwwww.
Isabel: He is quite kawaii, isn't he?...
Random dude walking past: GET OVER IT, ITS JUST A CAT!

Ok so here are the pics. I hope you enjoy this post :)

 these are made of cold porcelain

 My little cold porcelain tofu army!!

 and these are made of polymer clay...

My little polymer clay tofu army

A view from the top!

 And here is my complete army!!!

Hope you guys liked them!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DCD Challenge #32

Oh my! It seems like its been forever since I posted something here. I feel really bad. I had to pack most of my craft stuff because I thought we were moving.... Anyways, this week at DCD our challenge was to make something with an animal in it. I made an 8x8 scrapbook page. I also challenged myself to make something with 3 colors, one of them being one I hate to scrap with... That was yellow. I guess you can say I'm not a fan. This page might have changed my mind a little because I love the way it turned out. The cuts are from the Create a Critter cart. I also stamped some random white and black hearts with a stamp that I found at a Big Lots for 50 cents.

Here is my page for this week:

Don't forget to join in the fun at DCD click meh!!

I have been very busy in the past few weeks making art and spending time with my family that I had no time to blog. In any case I have made a few nice things I will be showing you all in the coming weeks. There might even be a few surprises :) I'm excited to say that I will be back to normal somewhat this week.

Let me ask yall a question. Do you ever hobby hop? I seem to be doing that a lot. Like I said there are a lot of new things I wanna show you so keep coming back and see what I got. The random things will be some jewelery, polymer clay charms and figurines, cards, scrapbook pages, altered items, felties, plushies, hats, and my new favorite deco den. Keep your peepers open.

This week Sponsor is HoneyBee Class Kits which you can find *HERE*

The lucky winner from our Zoo challenge will receive Butterfly Garden's Class Kit!! and access to the HoneyBee Classes *HERE*