Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tofu Wednesday PIC HEAVY!!

Hi peeps. I hope ya'll are having a good day. I wanted to share a small army of what I had been working on for a while :) I'm trying to find time for all my hobbies so I hope you enjoy this little post for today. Please subscribe to my youtube. It's raining tofus with kawaii faces.

This definition was collected from the urban dictionary....

An object, animal or person of super cuteness. Everyone just adores it and cannot get over its cuteness. May make girls scream with delight at its adorableness. Absolutely adorable.
Lucy: OMG Izzy, your little kitten is soooooo ultra kawaii!
Katie: Awwwwww *shrieks* its sooooo kawaii!!!
Lucy: Oh look at you!! Little kitty!
Katie: Aw gosh its soo kawaii and super cute!
Isabel: Um, thanks...
Lucy and Katie: awwwwwww.
Isabel: He is quite kawaii, isn't he?...
Random dude walking past: GET OVER IT, ITS JUST A CAT!

Ok so here are the pics. I hope you enjoy this post :)

 these are made of cold porcelain

 My little cold porcelain tofu army!!

 and these are made of polymer clay...

My little polymer clay tofu army

A view from the top!

 And here is my complete army!!!

Hope you guys liked them!!!



Mallika said...

so cute

jessica said...

these are awesome!!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

EEEEK these are so kawaii!!! I just want to squeeze them! (Did I spell that right?)

Yuveria said...

yesh carrie u did spell it right lol